District Key
Committees of the District
Chair - Helen Albrightson
Family FOS -
Community FOS -
Golden Eagle -
Popcorn -
Kelli Whitlock
Chair - Andy Camp
Webelos to Scout -
Charter Org Survey - District Professional
Scout Reach
Chair - Steve Sommers
Chair - Kim Ah-Low
Vice Chair - Kyle Taylor
Ricky Parker
Popa Joe Augeri
Larry Cohran
Wayne Hicks
Bill Lee
Activities and Service
Chair - Cathy Stembridge
Camporee -
Cub Day Camp -
Luz Morales / Katy Green
Webelos Woods -
Scouting for Food - Open
Camping Promotion/Outdoor
Chair - Barry Griffin
Order of the Arrow - Wayne Hicks
Health and Safety - Walter Todd
Chair - Scott Bates
Merit Badge - Jan Ah-Low
Eagle Board -
Life to Eagle -
Journey to Excellence -
Georgia Deakin - District Program Chair
Jan Ah-Low
Joseph Augeri        
Lisa Chandler                
Terry Chandler
Valerie Collins        
R.A. Fraker                
Brian Fuji
Randy Galbraith        
Cassandra Gardner        
David Hoffman
Sandy Hoskinson
Bo Hunt                
Bill Lee
Mark Lewis        
Kent Lovvorn                
eff Manikas
Amy Martin        
Eric McDonald                
Carlos Morales
Luz Morales        
Jason Mount                
Richard Parker
Kerry Patuka        
Paul Stepp                        
Bart Stone
Steve Sommers        
Kyle Taylor                
Micah Tingen
District Committee Members at Large
These are voting members of the District Committee
Andy Camp
Larry Cohran
Gordon Pritz
Eric McDonald
Mark Foster
Walter Todd
R.A. Fraker
Charles Tucker        
Laura West                
Amy Williams
Rich Williams        
Kelli Whitlock                
ynn Zirpoli
Mark Zirpoli        
Nicholas White                
Kimberly Jones