District Key
Committees of the District
Chair - Helen Albrightson
Popcorn - Kelli Whitlock
Chair - Eric McDonald
Religious Relations
Chair - Steve Sommers
Chair -
Vice Chair -
Kyle Taylor
Popa Joe Augeri
Wayne Hicks
Bill Lee
Activities and Service
Chair -
Camping Promotion/Outdoor
Chair - Barry Griffin
Order of the Arrow - Wayne Hicks
Chair - Dave Hoffman
Denise Maddox
Georgia Deakin - District Program Chair
Jan Ah-Low
Joseph Augeri        
R.A. Fraker                
Brian Fuji
David Griffin
James Hembree
Helen Albrightenson

Micah Tingen
Kent Lovvorn
Victor Torres
Georgia Deakin
Barry Griffin      
William Lee
Richard Parker
Kyle Taylor
Larry Cohran
Wayne Hicks

Danielle Griswold
Lindsay Gray
Eric McDonald
Steve Sommers
Randy Coggins
Andy Camp
Steven Fitz
Kim Ah-Low
Scott Bates

David Hoffman
Mike Handyside
District Committee Members at Large
These are voting members of the District Committee
Andy Camp
Larry Cohran
Eric McDonald
Sara Galbraith
Kim Jones
Melissa Torres
Cathy Stembridge
Shane Grey
Walter Todd

Denise Maddox
Kelli Whitlock
Randy Galbraith