Indian Springs District Committee Meeting Minutes
April 2, 2015
Meeting called to order at 7:00
Opened with Pledge of Allegiance

Committee reports

  • Currently working to fill all open Unit Commissioner slots and assign units

  • Friends of Scouting is currently at 73.26%. The cutoff date for Family FOS is April 30.
  • Camp Card money is due May 7. DE will accept at all District meetings.
  • Popcorn sales registration is now open

  • Membership is currently above 2014 numbers.
  • Recruiting rewards is now in progress. Information is on the District web site.
  • Planning a new unit blitz for near future

  • Discussion of training numbers and upcoming opportunities.
  • Discussion on training reports available via and possible access issues due to system

Camping/Outdoor Promotion
  • OA elections are complete. 5 units held no election.
  • Paulding County is holding a Fall Camporee

  • DADS had 53 participants and 15+ Merit Badges

  • Spring Camporee location is set for McIntosh on April 17 - 19. No Webelos.
  • Fall Camporee is currently planned for Camp Thunder in Moline, GA (Flint River Council)
  • Twilight Camp planning meeting will be April 3 at IHOP at 6;00 pm. This year there will be only one camp,
    held at Mason Creek MS, Theme is "Take Flight".
  • Discussion of possible soapbox derby.

  • No specific report

Vice Chair of Operations
  • Thanks to all volunteers present and discussion on the future of the District.

Miscellaneous Discussion
  • Mike LaConto spoke on his training visit to Philmont.
  • Welcome of Dean Clark to the Committee

Meeting closed at 8:17