Indian Springs District Committee Meeting Minutes
February 4, 2016
Meeting called to order at 7:05
Opened with Pledge of Allegiance and Prayer

  • Camp Cards
  • AAC is sponsoring a Scout to Philmont. Scouts can submit for "scholarship"

Committee reports

  • 96% Recharter is complete
  • Working on Bi-Annual detailed Unit Assessments

  • Friendstorming set for March 31. Details to come.

  • 101% FOS Community so far
  • Camp Cards are here and are selling

  • 2015 Training reached Gold JTE. 1/2 the District is trained. 2016 goal is 55% trained.
  • Began offering "direct to unit" training by request. We will come to you. Details on the training web site.

Camping/Outdoor Promotion
  • Camp Cards
  • Need list of units summer camping, in and out of AAC
  • Twilight Camp at Ithica Elementary School, June 6 - 10

  • Merit Badge University discussion

  • Added camping web site to the District page. Units can see locations and enter camp nights

  • No Report

District Professionals
  • Philmont scholarships
  • Douglas County School Board honoring Eagles at monthly meetings

New Business
  • OA service hours available at Fullerville Baptist, January 28
  • NYLT opportunities for more Scouts
  • DD - Met with career lead at WG Tech. Possible MB Clinic
  • DD - Discussed District Leadership meeting