Indian Springs District Committee Meeting Minutes
January 7, 2016
Meeting called to order at 7:04
Opened with Pledge of Allegiance and Prayer

Introduction of Brandi Leak as parade chair (activities).

Committee reports

  • Roster includes 6 UC, 4 ADC
  • Work to promote Roundtable. Calendar with program information to be worked and posted.

  • FOS at 56% (+42K). Several presentation still need scheduling.
  • Camp Card kickoff to be held February 2 and 6. Settlement date of May 6

  • Recharter - 6 units incomplete, 2 need additional information. 10 units not started.
  • Growth of 4.5% from prior year

  • BALOO date for Spring requested.
  • Training calendar submittedfor approval
  • University of Scouting
  • Purchased new training materials (books, tools, etc)
  • Setting up Merit Badge Counselor and Life to Eagle

Camping/Outdoor Promotion
  • OA elections have begun
  • Winter gathering planning and discussion
  • Campout 100 set for March 11 - 13

  • Welcomed first Eagle Scout of 2016
  • MBC workshop planned for Merit Badge University
  • MBU will have 23 available badge options
  • Adult Award nomination due by January 25. Banquet will be February 20 ($7 per person) at Powell Park.
    Units should bring desserts.
  • Discussion on creating a Life to Eagle dedicated site

  • Request to send email to OA members that, if attending Campout 100 as staff they should register with
    chapter, not individually.
  • Calendar discussion and changes

District Professionals
  • No Report

New Business
  • OA service hours available at Fullerville Baptist, January 28
  • NYLT opportunities for more Scouts

Meeting closed at 8:23