Indian Springs District Committee Meeting Minutes
March 2, 2017
Meeting called to order at 7:04
Opened with Pledge of Allegiance and prayer

Committee reports

  • Unit and Commissioner assignments and updates
  • Roundtable topics - SPL Leadership
  • Roundtable location changing to Bay Springs Middle

  • need 5 new units in 2017

  • Currently at 60% FOS goal
  • Camp Card discussion

Camping/Outdoor Promotion
  • Twilight set for Ithica Elementary
  • Units should be logging camping nights. Include out of Council or travel camps

  • Merit Badge University cancelled
  • MBC list being built. Several registered fell off Council list

  • Update on leader training held February 11
  • March 11 - SM and YPT
  • NYLT had 82 Scouts from IS
  • Planning ISLT for January 2018

  • Elections being scheduled. Closing date is for Camporee Call-Out is March 15.
  • Practice Camporee for OA held this past weekend

  • No Report

District Professional
  • Camp Card Sales end April 1, money due April 28
  • JTE and membership goals. Currently short.
  • Recruiting discussions and summer planning
Meeting closed at 8:25