Indian Springs District Committee Meeting Minutes
May 7, 2015
Meeting called to order at 7:07
Opened with Pledge of Allegiance
April minutes read and approved

Committee reports

  • Each Unit Commissioner has been assigned a primary unit, one with greatest need.
  • There is a new Cub Scout Roundtable Commissioner,Micah Tingen
  • New Unit Commissioner Kim Jones added to the roster
  • Discussion regarding YPT changes and implications of expired.

  • Friends of Scouting is currently at 82%. The cutoff date for Family FOS is April 30.
  • Camp Card sales are complete. Today is money due date.
  • Popcorn sales registration is now open. Robin Hudson is District Popcorn Kernel
  • Helen Albrightson named FOS Chair

  • Cub Scout recruiting goal for 2015 is 625 Scouts
  • District is currently at a 50% retention rate for Cub Scouts. This is below Council average
  • Discussion regarding possible retention workshop

  • SM Specific training attendance at Camporee was 10 leaders
  • ITOLS/OWLS participation was 16 participants of 21 registered
  • Updates to the training calendar advised
  • Possible summer Cub leader training for new school year.

Camping/Outdoor Promotion
  • Council is holding a Camporee in 2016 celebrating 100 years of AAC.

  • List handed out containing list of 2015 Scouts eligible for Eagle

  • Camporee Discussion - Per MacIntosh management, Scouts left very little trace of attendance

District Professionals
  • Wellstar Douglasville olding baseball tournament and needs volunteers. Held at Boundary Waters.
  • New Committee position, Civic Engagement Chair.
  • National Meeting held at AAC, Gathering of Eagles May 19.

Old Business
  • Carroll County Commissioners requesting service from Scouts. Committee discussed need to follow through.
  • 2015 - 16 District Calendar voted on and approved.

New Business
  • Amended training calendar voted and approved
  • Remove September 19 Scouter's Academy
  • Mike and Joana LaConto resigning positions on Committee due to family move.

Meeting closed at 8:06