Indian Springs District Committee Meeting Minutes
November 1, 2016
**District Meeting followed Business Meeting**

Meeting called to order at 7:55
Opened with Pledge of Allegiance and prayer

Committee reports

  • Recharter and JTE discussion
  • Detailed assessments due in January
  • Cub program changes coming in 2017

  • Discussion on Council membership reprts. Membership and unit totals are down
  • Removing units P1912, T901, C/T745 and C179

  • Popcorn totals: Show and Sell - $35, 420. Take Order - $52,290
  • Camp Card merchants decided February 1
  • Golden Eagle February 2

Camping/Outdoor Promotion
  • Winter Camp - 8 units registered
  • Units need to enter 2016 camping nights

  • Webelos Woods patches distributed
  • Progra Planning meeting at Council December 10

  • Cub program changes in 2017
  • Life to Eagle has outdated workbook. Currently being updated.
  • Nominations open for adult leader awards.
  • MBC list is being compiled. MBC training set for January 26
  • Merit Badge University planned for March 19 an UWG

  • OWLS/IOLS had 12 participants
  • JTE is at 59% for trained leaders
  • Leader training schedule submitted and discussed

  • Camporee information is online
  • Looking to recruit new ceremonialists
  • Chapter leaders recently elected
  • Winter Banquet set for December

  • Need updated unit list

  • Webelos Woods leader's guide is out and online
  • Still need volunteer units for Webelos Woods

Meeting closed at 9:13