Indian Springs District Committee Meeting Minutes

Annual Business Meeting

November 5, 2015
Business Meeting called to order at 7:00
Opened with Pledge of Allegiance and Prayer

Introduction of guests and nominees.

  • The business portion opened with a member of the nominating committee reading on the purpose the
    committee. Discussion on the requirements for eligible voters.
  • Roll call of eligible voters.
  • Slate of candidates read. Closed to discussion.
  • Nominations voted on and approved.
  • Business meeting closed and Committee meeting begins.

Meeting opened with reports from units on service performed in previous month.

Committee reports

  • Seeking new Commissioners and roles


  • No report.

  • Discussion on coming calendar
  • ITOLS/OWLS set for November 20 -

Camping/Outdoor Promotion
  • No report

  • Spring Camporee/Winter Camp discussion

  • Proposal of changes in Leader awards. Discussion on removing some and adding or combining.
  • Discussed the possibility of "department specific" awards. For example, an award presented by the Training
    committee for a unit with highest trained percentage. Awards are at sub committee discression.

  • No report

District Professionals
  • Recharter

Meeting closed at 8:45