Indian Springs District Committee Meeting Minutes
October 6, 2016
Meeting called to order at 7:00
Opened with Pledge of Allegiance and prayer

Recognizing Unit Service

Committee reports

  • New Pack in Bowdon - Shiloh UMC, Pack 1867
  • Recharter training. Turn in date is November 19
  • Change in Roundtable scheduling
  • New units in Carrollton housing. Also Pack 555 and Pack 108

  • Need 80 Scouts by month end to meet goal
  • Troop open house planned. Details will be on web and Facebook

  • FOS/Golden Eagle December 2. Keynote speaker is Rex Tillerson of Exxon
  • Discussion on Camp Cards
  • Popcorn take order orders are due October 26
  • If units are short (or over), consider trading with other units rather than over order.

Camping/Outdoor Promotion
  • Discussion of OA meetings
  • Fall Fellowship registration closing soon
  • Promote Cub Scout camping

  • Camporee registration is online
  • Webelos Woods needs Troops to support activities. Contact Georgia. Theme is "Operation Boy Scout"

  • No report

  • Need Volunteers for BALOO training on October 22
  • MBC set for October 9
  • OWLS/IOLS - Looking for volunteers
  • Training planned for Webelos transition - Working with Webelos leaders and Scoutmasters.

  • Trailblazer amp had +1500 attend
  • Final Ordeal set for November 4-5 at BASR.
  • Units should begin scheduling OA elections beginning December

  • Webelos Woods registration running when information is recieved. Planned for within next week.

  • Webelos Woods leader's guide is out and online
  • Still need volunteer units for Webelos Woods

District Professionals
  • Recruiting discussions
  • Setting the slate for District leadership for voting in November

Meeting closed at 8:17