Indian Springs District Committee Meeting Minutes
October 1, 2015
Meeting called to order at 7:10
Opened with Pledge of Allegiance

Meeting opened with reports from units on service performed in previous month.

Committee reports

  • Roundtable survey is complete. Will analyze and act upon changes and/or suggestions.

  • Fall Goal is 625 new Scouts in October. Currently at 600.
  • Retention is up 6%
  • New unit discussion. Also LDS is adding 3 units but dropping 2 (746 P & T).

  • Golden Eagle on December 16.
  • Beginning dates for Family FOS presentations.
  • Camp cards will be specific to the area. Council has approved, now getting vendors.

  • Discussion on coming calendar
  • Little training attendance from within District. Most are from outside. Need more local participation.

Camping/Outdoor Promotion
  • Camporee discussion. 150 attended.
  • Camping survey has been returned by 33% of units.
  • OA Winter Camp is February 27. Combining with "Spring" Camporee.
  • OA attendance is down. New Chief elected, Trevor Rose.

  • Fall Camporee planning was held with a low turnout. Next planning meeting is August 16.
  • Spring 2016 Camporee conflicts with AAC 100 years camp. Looking to alternate date.
  • Webelos Woods currently has no director.
  • Twilight Camp is moving to Villa Rica

  • JTE discussion.
  • Advancement report - 27% Boy Scouts, 54% Cub Scouts

  • Discussion on Facebook postings and etiquette. If posting as a District Committee please identify yourself. If
    there are specific questions, please send personal note as opposed to all.

District Professionals
  • Upcoming outings - Braves game and Trailblazer camp
  • District nominations are open
  • Recharter has begun

Meeting closed at 8:20