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Commissioner's Corner
Indian Springs District Commissioners, welcome to the  Commissioner's Corner, exclusively set up for the Commissioner
Staff of the Sweetwater District of the Boy Scouts of America.
This area was created to serve as an idea and communication portal for each of us. This will feature various topics and
training opportunities but, above all, it is a place where we, as Commissioners, can work together to best serve the
Scouts, Scouters and the Units of the Sweetwater District.
The College of Commissioner Science is being held February 1 at Kennesaw United Methodist Church in Kennesaw.
Please be sure to register for classes and get caught up on the changes in the BSA and the Commissioner Corps. This
year sees the introduction of new training guyidelines, including the removal of the Commissioner's Associate of Science
degree. Information regarding the CCS
can be found via this link.

With the merging of the Districts comes the increase in need for the Commissioner presence. There will be questions
and there will be the usual needs. Commissioners should be sure to visit units regularly and utilize the Unit Visit
Tracking tool to record each contact. A contact is defined as face to face, phone conversation, email contact (both ways)
and the always better in person unit visitation.  It is imperative that we not only contact or visit our units but that we are
entering this information in the system. Please see the "Commissioner Updates" section below for a Q&A on UVTS and
what constitutes a visit.
UVTS is accessible via the web site under the District Tools section. If you do not see this section
or if any Commissioner is unable to login to UVTS, please get with Kent.

Please ensure units are utilizing the online Internet Advancment tool as paper advancements are no longer being
accepted. There will be training on the tool at the February Roundtanble.
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