Indian Springs District
Scouting Roundtable
Scout Leader roundtables are held monthly on a district basis. Leaders from all levels of Scouting join for fun and fellowship
while learning new activities and gaining valuable information related to the various Scouting programs. Roundtable is a form
of supplemental training for volunteers at the pack and troop level.
Held the Third Thursday of every month at
illa Rica High School
600 Rocky Branch Road

Villa Rica, GA 30180
at 6:30 PM
Brian Fujii
ADC - Roundtable
Come on out on November 16, 2017 for our monthly Roundtable gathering. Come on out and share a great time of fun and information
and bring another leader with you and let them experience the growth that training can bring!

•         Midway: District Advancement Committee
•         Unit Key 3 Special Breakout: Unit Info Pins on Be a Scout and Online Applications
•         Boy Scout Breakout: National Outdoor Awards/Orienteering
•         Cub Scout Breakout:  Winter Activities
•         Bring applications that need to be turned in
•         Big Rock Topic: CubCast/ScoutCast

Midway Feature:

Our Midway Feature this month will be highlighting the role that the District Advancement Committee plays in the Indian Springs
District.  This committee serves Cub Scouting, Boy Scouting and Venturing.  Since the committee must visit all units at least annually to
interpret advancement and evaluate progress, specialists for each program division usually ae needed.  The District is responsible to
see that an up-to-date merit badge counselor directory is available and that all merit badge counselors are registered as adults with
the Boy Scouts of America.

Big Rock Topic:
This month’s Big Rock Topic will be Cubcast/Scoutcast. By the end of this session come away with an understanding of how CubCast
and ScoutCast works and where they can be found online.  Understand how unit leaders can use CubCast and ScoutCast for program

Key 3 Breakout:

There will be an opportunity for Unit Key 3’s or Key 3 Designates to get help editing their Be A Scout Pin for the website as well as
make sure that your unit is set correctly for online applications with the options you want. This will only be for those who are registered
in the unit’s key 3 positions or have been given access as the Key 3 Designate. One Person per unit. Those attending may want to
bring a computer but it is not required.

Boy Scout Breakout:  
Come to the November’s Boy Scout Roundtable Breakout to learn more about the National Outdoor Awards, a six-segment award
designed to encourage and recognize achievement in camping, aquatics, hiking, riding, conservation, and adventure beyond merit
badges.  The program feature of the month will be orienteering with opportunities to learn ways to get Scouts excited about a traditional
Scouting skill.

Cub Scout Breakout:
Winter Activities- keeping Cubs engaged and active during the cold winter months.  We’ll discuss what other units are doing to keep
their scouts busy during the cold winter months that don’t allow us to get outside as much.  Bring your best ideas and come prepared to
share! You’re guaranteed to leave with an opening activity to get scouts focused, as well as some amazing ideas from some
experienced leaders!

Start/Stop/Continue Survey
We had some consistent feedback from our survey that we should have snacks provided again at our Round Table.  In response to the
survey, we are offering to help coordinate units &/or individuals that would like to participate in bringing something any month. Just sign
up at the registration table as to which month you or your unit would like to provide snacks for the month or bring some snacks and
what type – drinks, cookies, chips, finger foods etc.  We will try to coordinate the responses and let Round Table attendees know who
will be providing food at the various meetings. Thank you for your responses.  We aim to please!

December FUN  Gift Exchange
We like to add in some fun in December and have some sort of inexpensive gift exchange.  We will be continuing the FUN again this
year so be thinking of something fun to bring. The theme will be announced in the next announcement.