Indian Springs District
Scouting Roundtable
Scout Leader roundtables are held monthly on a district basis. Leaders from all levels of Scouting join for fun and fellowship
while learning new activities and gaining valuable information related to the various Scouting programs. Roundtable is a form
of supplemental training for volunteers at the pack and troop level.
Held the Third Thursday of every month at
y Springs Middle School
122 Bay Springs Road
Villa Rica, GA 30180
at 6:30 PM
Brian Fujii
ADC - Roundtable
Roundtable Topics for March 2017
Cracker Barrel Hosts:
Our Cracker Barrel Hosts for this month are P/T/C 33, T 179, and P/T 371.

Midway Feature:
Webelos- to- Scout Transition

Big Rock Topic:
Webelos to Scout Transition.

Boy Scout Breakout:
ALL TROOPS/CREWS: Please bring ONE (or more) person(s) from your unit leadership to join us this week.
1. Tips for Troop Meetings: Senior Patrol Leader Involvement
2. Interest Topic: Youth Leadership Development In Troops
3. Program Feature: First Aid

Cub Scout Breakout:
ALL Packs please have at least 1 program person come to this breakout.
Sweeeeeeeeet Summertime! With warm weather comes water fun. Now that some rules have changed regarding cubs around water, let’
s make sure that we have trained leaders to ensure water safety! We will be working on Safe Swim Defense and Safety Afloat. If time
allows we will try to squeeze in Weather Hazards training as well. Bring as many pack leaders as possible to get everyone on the same
page about water safety for all your summertime Pack activities

Committee Breakout:
ALL UNITS: Please bring ONE (or more) person(s) from your unit committee to join you this week.
We want to thank all the units who brought Membership Chairs to the Roundtable last month! We hope it was the beginning of getting
these committee members fired up about creating awesome units around Indian Springs.
This month, we will be focusing on the advancement chairs and what their role entails. They will receive all the training needed to make
them a valuable member of the team. Every unit that brings someone for this role will be entered to win an extra prize!