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***Scout Leaders, following are documents that may be of use to you in leading your units***

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Indian Springs Training Chair
Kim Ah-Low
Are You "Super Trained"
The Atlanta Area Council is looking to improve the quality of the program delivered to Scouts and increase the
overall Scouting experience by encouraging leaders to view training as a continual and on-going exercise. In that
mission the AAC has introduced the "Super Trainer" award, which recognizes leaders for their outstanding efforts
at self-improvement resulting in stronger leadership and units. The Super Trainer designation recognizes those few
leaders that have gone above and beyond to ensure that as many leaders as possible are equipped to best lead
Scouts in their respective units.
Are you super trained? For requirements and submission,
please click here for the information and submission form.
Additional training opportunities outside the District can be found here.
All Leader Training - Cub Scout, Boy
Scout, Youth protection

September 16
Location - N
ew Covenant UMC
960 Highway 5
ouglasville, GA

$5 Per Person, Payable upon arrival

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